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Depending on what you're looking for, there are several 'maps' to the web site. The 'maps' are listed below. Note that the usual map doesn't work well for this site because the site is a network of information rather than a hierarchy.

Blue Navagation Bar (right hand side of screen)

  • The top blue box at the right hand side of the screen is a 'map' of content types. Two content types will be especially useful for finding specific information: Pages and Programs. If you want to see absolutely everything that exists on the entire site, click on each content type and view every item in each content type.
  • The blue box labeled "Views". Click on a view that matches your interest (patient, donor, etc.) You will see a variety of stories, pages, FQAs, etc. that match your interest.

Topics (at the top of almost every title or page)

  • Click on a topic to see suggested items. The items are organized by content types (stories, news releases, etc.)
  • Under each content type, there's a "more on..." link. Click this link to see ALL the items for the particular topic and content type. (For example, ALL stories about affordability).


  • Click on the FAQ link in the top blue square for a list of all the FAQs.
  • Click on a topic (affordability, building community, etc.) to see FAQs about the specific topic.
  • Click on a view (patient, donor, etc.) to see FAQs about a specific interest area.

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