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Relationships - Quick Overview

At Maple City Health Care Center, we value our relationships.

We see how healthy relationships between providers and patients leads to improved physical health for patients and improved job satisfaction for providers.

The more that patients trust providers and the more that providers know about the lives and histories of patients, the better we can prevent, diagnose, and treat illnesses.

In fact, our experience shows us that the caring made possible by strong relationships is one of the most powerful medicines we can offer.

We also invest in the relationships between people who work and volunteer here. Staff relationships are so important to us that we pay our staff for the time they spend eating lunch together. Staffers and volunteers use lunches to share about their lives, to discuss community issues, and to understand the different cultures of staff and patients.

Most organizations think of their organizational structure as a hierarchy of power and supervision. We see our organizational structure as a universe of relationships.

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