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Integration - Quick Overview

We value integration.

Integration in health care means that we care for the whole patient, not just certain body parts.

Integration is one reason we hire a social worker and counselor. Our doctor might suspect that a patient’s illness is related to a family problem. Integration means that our doctor and counselor collaborate and meet together with each other and with the patient.

For us, the opposite of integration is isolation and fragmentation. For example, isolating values from practices leads to personal and organizational dishonesty. Isolating support staff from providers leads to resentment and arrogance.

Integration in staff management means a relatively level pay structure. It means valuing the contribution of every member of the staff.

We also work as individuals to integrate our personal values with our work lives. In our annual staff review, one of the questions we answer is “How your job support or cause tensions with your values?”

Integration in organizational structure means that patients serve as members of the Board of Directors. In this way, the people who receive care are the same people who care for the mission and vision of the organization.

Integration in finances means that when we have reserves, we invest those reserves in activities that match our values.

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