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Empowerment - Quick Overview

We value empowerment. We see power as an infinite resource to be nurtured and multiplied rather than a limited commodity that we must protect and hoard.

In health care, empowerment means offering patients tools they can use to improve their health. It means respecting a patient’s opinions. It means recognizing that a patient carries major responsibility for decisions about their own health care.

Empowerment is one reason that we make extensive use of groups as a way to provide health care.

In our Pregnancy Circle Groups, participants support each other. Pregnant women learn from each other.

In our Healthy Living groups, people in the group encourage each other to make healthy choices and improve habits. They hold each other accountable.

Empowerment in staff management means that jobs are adjusted to the ever growing skills of each employee. In our annual staff review, one of the questions we answer is “How have you experienced empowerment over the last year?”

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