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Across Cultures - Quick Overview

Our patients come from a wide variety of cultures. We provide a medical home for Hispanics, Asians, Anglos, and African Americans. But race and ethnicity do not begin to describe the variety of cultures.

Our Hispanic patients, for example, come from Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and from Central, and South America. Anglo patients come from Appalachia, Russia, and the Ukraine. Asian patients come from Pakistan, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Language is one aspect of providing health care to people from many cultures. Our goal is to provide health care to patients using their preferred language. Because so many of our patients are Hispanic, almost all of our providers speak Spanish as well as English.

Both our staff and Board are made up of people from many cultures. We help each other understand our different cultures. In a similar manner, we learn about the cultural attitudes and expectations of our patients through our investment in relationships.

For more about how we cross cultures, click on the links beside the word “Topics” at the top of this page.

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